Black Don't Crack | About BDC
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A Message from Founder & CEO, Debra Hubbard

My name is Debra Hubbard, and I am proud to say that my Black Don’t Crack! The concept behind the creation of the Black Don’t Crack® brand originated from the many trials I’ve experienced throughout my life. I am proudly a survivor of the destructiveness of depression, financial instability, divorce, bouts with health, the pain of loss, struggles with regrets, and the immobilizing blows of physical and mind-shattering mental abuse. And still, I am surviving, and so are YOU! Shame does not know our names! Conquering these once seemingly insurmountable circumstances left me with a greater understanding and appreciation of the legacy of Blackness and our cultural journey of thrival and survival throughout history. And so, the idea of Black Don’t Crack® morphed from its original meaning of melanin-kissed, forever youthful skin to the embodiment of a cultural movement that echoes a message of triumph and resilience through all adversities.

UNBREAKABLE – Redefining Resilience

As a passionate business woman, Debra also introduces us to her global brand, her loyal team, what keeps her focused when entrepreneurship gets crazy, and why it is imperative that we answer our calling even when we are scared. UNBREAKABLE isn’t just a book, or a great read; it is a mirror you can see yourself in. It is a toolbox of rich resources. It’s one woman’s compelling account of why resilience matters and what we must do to ensure we are constantly rising in resilience instead of bowing down to fear, disappointment, and anxiety. Debra reminds us that it takes time, patience, prayer, meditation, walking, running, being still, listening, and a host of other releasing mechanisms to win in life. She reminds us that we are not alone because God is always with us and if we will trust Him there is nothing He cannot bring us through.

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